About Berwick Jewellers

Who we are

As classically trained goldsmiths we employ refined techniques to bring to life individual pieces.

As Gemologists, we take pride in ensuring your pieces are set with high quality gems and our ability to help you make informed decisions about stones

As artists, we always aim to infuse our work with soul, love and passion

And, as humanitarians at heart in an industry that struggles to ensure ethical sourcing, we are utterly transparent about our sourcing practices and our initiatives aimed at providing ethical products for our customers

What we do

We are students of quality. Quality is experienced. Without a fire for perfection, and the skills to channel it into the artworks, it is the quality that suffers.

Why we do it

A love of quality and an unending passion for flare and finesse is what we bring to our work each day.

And for whom – enthusiasts

It is the culmination of skill, technique, love and quality that inspires us to create pieces for lovers jewelry - people with a passion for the quality of good art and the art of good quality

Where we are

Berwick Jewellers is located at 52 High St, right in the centre of Berwick. Feel free to call us on 0491 738911 with any questions you may have.

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