Cash Paid for Gold - Sell Gold in Berwick - Top Dollar Paid for Gold

We will buy your unwanted gold and jewellery, with valuation and cash paid on the spot.

We buy anything that is gold: Gold Chains, Gold Bracelets, Gold Rings, Gold Earrings, Gold Bangles, Gold Coins, Gold Charms, New or Used Gold Jewellery, Gold Watches

The process of mining for gold is quite inefficient – on average, ten grams of mined gold requiring five tonnes of ore to be moved. The process is also environmentally detrimental in a number of ways. So.

Sustainability is such an important part of what we do here, and this is why we are passionate about up-cycling and repurposing precious metals.

Breathing new life into older pieces is such a joy. And it is in the helping of people transform sentimental pieces, otherwise sitting in draws, into items that are exciting to wear that inspires this joy.

You needn’t keep your old gold.

We are happy to buy your old, broken or unwanted pieces at market prices. As a part of our push for sustainability, the refining of your gold is a cost we gladly take on in our aim to minimize our negative environmental impact.

Gold Buying Prices Guide, per gram of gold:

Cash paid for watches & clocks

We will buy your unwanted watches and clocks, including grandfather clocks, with valuation and cash paid on the spot.

Berwick Jewellers is located at 52 High St, right in the centre of Berwick. Feel free to call us on 0491 738911 with any questions you may have.